At Fremantle City Football Club we’re all about giving back to the community. Our passion is to help grass roots football clubs grow, fostering the spirit of this great game.

So how will pledging your support to us impact your local, grass roots football club?

When your club partners with us by pledging support, you become a Foundation Football Club Associate (FFCA).

As a FFCA, your club will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Ability to generate passive income for your club through the sale of season tickets to the FCFC A-League home games
  • Receive a share of the financial performance of the FCFC A-League Club as a whole directly relevant to the number of your club members that contribute towards its success
  • Ability to Co-Brand your Club Logo with FCFC merchandise, and share in the sale proceeds
  • Gain priority access to future FCFC A-League player appearances, events, coaching and playing clinics at rates that will enable you to fund raise as well
  • Promote your Club as a genuine direct link professional playing pathway to the FCFC A-League for all your players (we will provide the parameters of expectations and processes here)
  • Gain access to FCFC professional coaching and management resources to help your Club improve in all areas and retain its culture and identity at all times

Other financial and tangible benefits that will be disclosed within a recorded legal agreement.